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About Us

Our Owner…

Adaria Duarte entered the home care field over 12 years ago, when not only realizing after battling her own health issues most of her life just how important Caregivers are, but also coming to the understanding that sometimes, family just needs to be family.


With Adaria having been in the shoes of her patients, past, present, and future, she has been able to provide comfort to her Clients and their families; because they know that this is not just a business for her, this is her life.

Our Company…

When people ask Adaria what exactly it is that “they do”, she says, “I can’t help but smile and think…what don’t we do?” The Family Care Services family provides Home Care and assistance to Seniors, New/Expecting Moms and Families and Working Parents, those requiring recuperative care, and anyone needing continuing care due to illness, injury, special need, or lifelong challenge. From companion care and errands and doctor’s appointments, to transportation services, household management and providing assistance with all personal care needs and activities of daily living (ADL’s), or simply providing a hand to hold during those moments where you feel like your world is falling apart, there is very little that we don’t do.

While most companies focus their time on fitting into the cookie cutter mold that is the “Home Care” industry, Adaria says, “We dedicate our time to breaking the mold, knowing that no two people are alike, and therefore, no two problems or reasons for needing care are alike. Because of that, no person and no family can be approached the same, rather require situational Consultations and Assessments that will allow for a custom and individualized Plan of Care. For some, asking for help can be slightly uncomfortable, or even relatively easy, while for others, it is nothing short of devastatingly soul crushing and goes against everything they have ever known and all that they ever stood for…preserving one’s independence and dignity are two of those most common principles.” She explains that when you create a company, when you build a family from the ground up of like-minded individuals that all share the same philosophies, that are all compassionate, sympathetic and more importantly empathetic people because they understand what it is like to walk in similar shoes, it is then that you have the ability to provide some light at the end of what can be a seemingly dark tunnel.

With Adaria having been where you are, she truly understands how nerve-wracking the care process can be, especially when it comes to allowing a stranger to come into your home and the homes of your loved ones. That is why as she has been evolving Family Care Services, and bringing Caregivers and other Staff members into the Family, that she ensures that they are all individuals that Adaria would not only trust to take care of her loved ones, but also, are people that she would want caring for her.

Our Caregivers…

All Family Care Services Caregivers are bonded, insured and are our direct employees, not subcontractors. We match your specific needs and requests to the skills and background of each Caregiver to find the ideal match. This proprietary screening process has proven highly effective and has afforded us a distinctively high satisfaction rating. Family Care Services Caregivers are the very best in our industry because putting aside their superior training, certifications or years of experience, they have the heart that many lack and all of us need…And We insist upon. They are not merely the backbone of our Company, they are our Family; and we are confident you will feel the same!

Next Steps…

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