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“Dear Patty,
What can we say to someone who not only took excellent care of our mother, but us as well! Your calm demeanor and respect for Maria were so appreciated. We always felt better knowing you were with her. I don’t think you realize it yet, but you do have a special gift. You will always have a special place in our hearts. We are lucky through this ordeal we have made a new friend! Please keep in touch!”


Camille, Dennis, Terry & Lenny – Florham Park, NJ

“I have worked for this agency and several others. I can say that I was so happy and impressed to see the level of caring by not just the home care aides, but also the office staff. Patty and Adaria go above and beyond. Wonderful people.”

Nicole E. - Caregiver

“Dear Patty and Adaria

Family Care Services took the time to understand our family’s need, met with my Mom and matched Nursing Assistants to her personality and specific need. We had a chance to meet and speak with all care givers prior to having them come out to assist Mom. All care givers were excellent not only at caring for Mom but helping out around the house and even becoming an extension of our family during this tough time. I would highly recommend FCS to any family that is in need of a supplemental care giver.”

Greg M. - Fairlawn, NJ

“Dear Adaria,
Thank you so much for bringing Ana to us to care for Bill. She did a wonderful job. We love her! Bill has improved so much. We are so pleased! Give our love to Ana and your Mom. Let’s keep in touch!”


Bill & Evelyn W. – Parsippany, NJ

“You people were great, compassionate, helpful, caring and nice!”

Bill F. – Cedar Grove, NJ

“Always cases available. Staff is informative, friendly and very professional. The fact that you can work as much as you want, whenever you want, is one of the reasons I like working for this company. Great agency would recommend applying here for CHHA positions. This is a great way to build your career and is worth it clients are awesome.”

Abigial Huggup - Caregiver

“A great place to work. Friendly and supportive management team and the clients are generally welcoming and easy to work with.”

Saskie Bell - Caregiver

“I am writing to tell you how thrilled my siblings and I are with the support and care my mother has received. My sister, Mary, contacted Adaria Duarte by phone in May of this year. Within a few hours Adaria had called my sister back, and had not only answered my sister’s questions, but also asked questions about my Mom. When my sister and I both called other home healthcare agencies, we did not receive nearly the same attention that we received from Adaria and Patty Duarte. My mother was COMPLETELY opposed to have “a stranger”, in her house to help her. The first time she met Patty and Adaria, she immediately trusted and liked them. My Mom has been blessed to have gotten THE most wonderful caregiver we could have ever imagined. I feel like we have gained three new sisters. It has been a blessing to find them.”

Barb R. – Whippany, NJ

“We recently had occasion to use the assistance of a home care company. Adaria and Patty are awesome and very attentive. My grandmother is 99 years old and a bit fussy. They had staff that worked with her after her hospitalization. The food was well prepared, my grandmother was kept company in a positive way and they kept me apprised of any issues that arose. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

Sharon W. – Parsippany, NJ

“I have had home care for my Mother for almost two years.  After the first few attempts to find a perfect fit for my Mom, we finally got it right.  As the one family member available in New Jersey I had a great deal of responsibility.  Patty and Adaria have taken a lot of responsibility from me and gave me my life back. They have responded to any and all needs for my Mom and me.  They have become an extended family for us. The people they have in place for my Mom have treated her like their own mother/friend.  I always think my Mom looks forward to what I call ‘the changing of the guards.’  We had someone staying 24/7 so Mom got to be the greeter when the weekend shift changed to the weekday shift.  Sometimes she wasn’t very pleasant, but the Caregivers never took it personally.  They just persevered and kept working.

You asked for a few words, but Patty, Adaria and their team can’t be explained in a few words.  They are more than a home care company, they make themselves family.  I have recommended them to many of my friends who are now in need of help with their parents/siblings.  I would hope that I will never need them again, but I know if I do they will be there for me.”

Pat M. – Morris Plains, NJ

“Patty and Daria were very responsive to my needs. They were understanding when I interrupted my services to visit my daughter in Maryland. They provided Caregivers with respect for my hearing loss. I could count on Caregivers who were experienced and reliable.”

Jeannette H. – Montville, NJ

“I loved everything that they did. They were so kind, caring and personable. They matched up perfectly and Claudia would not give up her sense of control, so the Caregiver did what she needed to do to make sure everything was in its place because my loved one had vision impairment and needed everything to be in the right place. They provided me peace of mind in knowing that they would take care of her.”

Kristin C. - Montague, NJ

“I have seen such a change in my Mother’s life in the last two months and the Caregiver has done a lot for her like encouraging her to go out for walks. I have seen her emotional and mental health improve and when I talk to her, I see that she is connecting more.”

Jil S. - Rahway, NJ

“I appreciated the fact that they were very in tune to the needs of my mom and the type of person that she needed. They were very kind, compassionate, and very concerned about my Mom’s wellbeing. I really liked Daniela. She was very sweet and very compassionate. She was thoughtful and kind. They matched up their personalities. She didn’t need a lot of care, she just needed someone who would sit with her, so they found someone with the right personality to spend the day with her.”

Nancy S. - Parsippany, NJ

“They are very personalized, and everyone was good to my Mother. They would motivate her to get dressed and come downstairs. They made it easier for my sister to take her to the doctor and to eat the holiday meals with us. The interaction and care made it easier for my sister not to take time off to take care of her.”

Kim K. - Glen Ridge, NJ

“They are reliable and the aide I have is conscientious and does her job correctly. I have had several other companies beforehand and they are doing a great job. They help me work full-time. The Caregiver is very good. The hospital aide that comes in afterwards is less efficient than my Caregiver. There is a big difference between the two.”

Pat B. - Gillette, NJ

“We had another family care place and we were not happy with the way they ran things. We knew someone from Family Care who was a good Caregiver and had good things to say about them, so we used them side by side until we transitioned fully to Family Care. They’re very responsive. Any time we have a concern, they try to address it. They are really attentive and caring with her. They give me peace of mind, so I don’t have to worry about my Mother. If the Caregiver is there, she’s being taken care of.”

Patty G. - Montville, NJ

“They are quite concerned about their Clients. They take a lot of effort to make sure needs are met. They always send someone that handles the Client’s needs. The Caregiver is just all around very caring, whatever my Dad needs, she’s got.”

Judy H. - Wayne, NJ

“They do a nice job. The full-time girl I have now does a wonderful job. My wife eats well for her and they do well together. She relates well to her and most of all she gets things done that need to be done for Pat.”

Dan C. - Denville, NJ

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