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Family Care Services, Inc. is proud to announce its partnership with Pink Delivery Cart!

In a time where there is so much uncertainty and unease about even the most menial of daily tasks, our Family at Family Care Services has been looking for different ways to provide comfort and support to our clients and their families, as well as our Employees.
When learning of Pink Delivery Cart’s services, mission, and most importantly, the very reason for its founding, Adaria and everyone at Family Care Services couldn’t help but want to learn more and get involved.
Kevin Carroll, the President and Founder of Pink Delivery Cart, Inc., established the company in March of 2020, as amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, like so many others, Kevin was laid off from his job as a VP of Marketing for a prominent Healthcare Company. Realizing that the community needed help with a task that to many seems so simple, yet puts the most vulnerable of our population at even greater risk, Kevin had the ability to visualize the deficits our Grocery Stores and their partners were facing at an increasing rate due to the Pandemic, and was able to revolutionize the “Grocery Services Industry”…thus, Pink Delivery Cart, Inc. was born.
Pink Delivery Cart (PDC) was founded on the basis of helping the community, which is why Adaria and the rest of Family Care Services, Inc. was so drawn to working with Kevin and Pink Delivery Cart. Knowing that they share the same mission and vision, a partnership not only made sense from a philosophical standpoint, but also made clear how each business could be mutually beneficial to the other’s Clientele. A service that started as a means to help others has turned into the “talk of the town”, boasting Pink Delivery Cart’s differences from other companies providing similar services. As Kevin states, “We always want you to know who is shopping for you and your family and most importantly is coming to your home. We employ local, friendly and thoroughly vetted shoppers!”. By also providing services like guaranteed next-day delivery, and the ability to shop at a large variety of stores, and even multiple stores in one trip, the worry that so many people are dealing with to fulfill their basic needs is essentially removed with Pink Delivery Cart.
Family Care Services knows first-hand how difficult Grocery Shopping and household management tasks can be for some families, especially for its own Clientele, in particular during the pandemic. Adaria and the rest of the Family Care Services Family were optimistic to see a solution that not only combatted issues like long wait times for on-line ordering services, difficult hours for seniors and those that are immuno-compromised to shop in less of a crowd, and the overall difficulty of shopping in general. Not only are these issues resolved with a service like Pink Delivery Cart, Pink Delivery Cart also does so with a personal touch.
Just as Family Care Services prides itself on its family-oriented operations, always striving to put their customers first and make them feel like Family, Pink Delivery Cart places a special emphasis on their customer service. “We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, friendly shoppers, and always go above and beyond for our customers, whatever it may be. Which means when you call or text us we always answer!” Furthering their community-oriented objectives, PDC has also partnered with the American Cancer Society and Project Kind, donating a portion of all orders to each organization, clearly setting them apart from their competitors.
Because Family Care Services believes in the PDC difference, we have not only partnered with them as a means to refer their services to our clients, we have decided to make Pink Delivery Cart a part of the services we offer, as well as our COVID-19 Protocol/Procedures Program. In order to eliminate exposure and risk to our Clients and our Caregivers, Family Care Services and PDC have developed an Incentive Program in order to provide the most comprehensive, COVID-19 safe services available. All existing and new Clients will receive memberships to Pink Delivery Cart, with additional benefits, as outlined below. In addition, we will be providing a membership to all new and existing Caregivers to not only show our appreciation for their dedication and hard-work, particularly during this difficult time, but also, to ensure their health and safety for themselves, their loved ones, and the families they work with every day. Now, when working with Family Care Services, Inc., our Clients and Caregivers, and their Families will have the added comfort of knowing that all of their Grocery Store needs will be handled, further limiting their risk of exposure.

Please see below for the outline of the FCS-PDC Incentive Program!

FCS-PDC COVID-19 “Protocol” Program/Client Incentive Program

It is known that being in the grocery store can be one of the more likely places to contract COVID-19 and one of the places our Clients, in particular, are most vulnerable given the volume of people at any one time. In order to mitigate exposure to the virus, for both our Clients and our Employees, we have partnered with Pink Delivery Cart to ensure our Clients and Employees have the option to not go to the Grocery stores at all, or to go as little as possible.

FCS TypePDC Incentive
Part-Time (less than 40 hours per week)• All new and existing Part-Time Clients and Caregivers will receive a Free “Pink Membership” with Pink Delivery Cart.

• Family Care Services, Inc. will also cover the Shopper Fee 1x per month.
Full-Time (more than 40 hours per week)• All new and existing Full-Time Clients and Caregivers will receive a Free “Pink Membership” with Pink Delivery Cart.

• Family Care Services, Inc. will also cover the Shopper Fee 2x per month.